You’ve heard the story of the soldier’s locket:

A simple profile and tuft of her hair

Like the Mona Lisa in his pocket

He pined for her  wanton smile, far off stare.

The Greek’s Nine Muses brought such inspired thought,

Charms, the female figure, the buds of Spring,

Physical, temporal, spiritual sought,

Such beauty of form, flying spirits bring.

In the palm of a hand, grace in a frame,

Desire touched by the tip of a brush,

Erato’s turtle doves, lyre, arrows, flame,

Sparrows sing, rays of Sun, verdant fields lush.

God drew your form, face, my inspiration;

My Muse, rapture, love, heart’s exultation.


NOTE: image from google/https://bookriot.com/2017/07/17/60-awesome-creative-fun-book-necklaces/



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