chiv 5What if there were no Sleeping Beauty.

No Knights on Horses, in “sword-drawn” Stance,

No quiet Dames to kiss to spell to Life,

No Damsels locked in towering Distress,

No Babes who feign their Feelings in luring Chase,

No menacing Bully upsetting Heart & Taste,

No Kingdom needing Queen to save the Crown,

No Jousts to win fair lady’s golden Brow,

No Bout to break poor foe’s same Ambition,

No virgin Prize to win by all Men’s admission,

No Booty, Dowry, Trust of any kind,

No Hand to woo with Chocolates, Roses, Wine,

No Backs to break, no Poignards to unsheathe,

No boasty Babble to entice shy woman’s Wreath,

No Rhymes to send through silent Shadows,

No Vows to read from sealed parchment’s Mantle?

    What if history’s Knots had come untied?

    What would we see in one another’s Eyes?

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