The sight of two Ghosts from the Past I knew

Clothed in collegian Dress, my old Blues

Huddled by a Wall in an old Tap Room

While Smoke blew in ringed Clouds, near bottled Booze

Which thumped on ring-stained Pine. At, with a lean,

As the bare tummied Girl slanted her Hips

To touch his Buckle with her cotton seam,

I watched whirlwind Music touch kissing Lips,

My vagrant Stare, their soft, slow Thighs rubbing.

I, like a faraway dumb Star, blinking,

At a hot Earth, arrogantly steaming.

Two Faces, Bodies arched, Lips caressing

    Me, sipping, Thinking of a bygone Day.

    In a Time, when we gave Ourselves away.




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