Break I in knot’d Ghosts your nighttime Rest

While Ghouls & Witches jig in grey Shadow?

Do galloping Dreams claw at your bare Breast?

Speak I behind the Grate of some Window?

Woven deeply in hibernating Sleep–

Beaten flat by spirit’s Sledge to Anvil–

Spun by secret Thoughts not supposed to leap–

Shatter I dead Air, doth Name untangle

From smoky Streams let loosed by wet’d Lips?

Send reeling, through brick Alleys over Leaf!

Unselfish Night, do dare to grasp truth’s Spill!

Break! Airy Bite.  Escape in broken Speech!

    Drift to my Ear, these heartfelt Mutterings,

    So I may give my loud Dream company.

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