happy hour

Such twittering about the sky tonight
A crepuscular time, tangle of birds:
Darting, gliding in the early moonlight.
A time to listen, watch, feel, observe
At nature, most alive with beating breast.
A cacophony of heart unveiled,
A gathering time, seeming for a fest,
And all the day’s happenings, uncradled:
Decency, manners, stratagems unleashed.
The happiest hour, unbridled, free;
Respecting decorum, courtesy least,
Untethered, unbound by nest, limb, or tree.
The jesters out, love is just a plaything;
Sing love, dance of joy, happy wing to wing.

NOTE: crepuscular:Crepuscular animals are those that are active primarily during twilight (that is, the periods of dawn and dusk).[1] This is distinguished from diurnal and nocturnal behavior, where an animal is active during the hours of daylight or the hours of darkness, respectively. The term is not precise, however, as some crepuscular animals may also be active on a moonlit night or during an overcast day. The term matutinal is used for animals that are active only before sunrise, and vespertine for those active only after sunset.

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