Here is an interview taped by National Public Radio (NPR), on my essay, “Like Father, Like Daughter” about my time alongside my daughter as I drove her to school each day for a year while she was in high school in Chesterfield, Virginia.

The show, “With Good Reason” recorded the interview in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fortunate to have daughter their to finish off interview. Interviewer mistakenly calls me Jim, later on–now, quite funny. There description:

Also: Thomas J. MacDonald (LU) will read his essay “Like Father Like Daughter” from his upcoming book titled Essays to Farmville. He speaks about his relationship with his 14-year old daughter as they listen and talk about music while they share a daily car commute to rural Farmville from suburban Midlothian. (LU) refers to Longwood University where I did some teaching as an English Professor.

The first piece about Harry Potter goes 14:30. Our interview comes next. Feel free to listen to both interviews if you wish or move curser to this point in broadcast.

Harry Potter, Fantasy and Censorship

Essays to Farmville is still a work in progress.


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